[Aide] lgetfilecon_raw failed

Chris Green Chris.Green at us.logicalis.com
Tue Oct 5 18:26:11 EEST 2010

To: aide at cs.tut.fi
Subject: lgetfilecon_raw failed

Redhat Aide Installation

I receive the error, lgetfilecon_raw failed on each of the directories I'm checking with the NORMAL ruleset.  I searched for solutions and found indications that point to selinux.  After running the sestatus command I found that selinux is disabled.  I followed the suggestions in the other threads and removed the references to selinux, yet I'm still getting the error.

This is a standard installation using the predefined directories and NORMAL rules.  The only alterations I have made is to the location of the aide.db and the removal of the selinux references described here:


and here:


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