[Aide] What does rc=137 mean?

Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer at wayne.edu
Wed Apr 18 20:53:10 EEST 2007

Pablo Virolainen wrote:

On Fri, 13 Apr 2007, Lee Maschmeyer wrote:

> On one of our Solaris 10 systems, aide 0.13.1 is generating an rc of 137
> after `aide --update'. According to the man(1) page this shouldn't be
> happening. It says that there are RCs after a --check of 1 for added, 2 
> for
> removed and 4 for changed files. All these have happened on this host so 
> if
> the man page is obsolete (or I got the wrong version somehow) you could 
> get
> a maximum of 7. There are other RCs from 14 to 18. But no hint, in the
> man(1) page, of 137.

write report to stdout and compress it with gzip/bzip2.


And then what? :-) Are you saying you want to see it?

Actually, it produces no output whatever. The only lines in the report are 
from the cron job that runs AIDE. It must blow up right away, though, 
because it's always the first one in my mailbox in the morning.

I just ran it with verbose=255. It produced a report > 3 GB in size and then 
had the nerve to complete with an RC of 7!

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