[Aide] Darwin / OSX support

Richard van den Berg richard at vdberg.org
Thu Apr 6 10:03:57 EEST 2006

Axel Rau wrote:
> while using aide since 2002 on Mac OS X, I see that 0.11 (besides  
> many bug fixes
> and enhancements) has -static linking hard wired in for systems with  
> gcc.

IIRC static linking was accidentally disabled in aide 0.10. Aide should 
really be statically linked statically for security reasons. This was 
the default before aide 0.10 and will be in the future.

> This does not and will never fit with Darwin / OSX because of its  
> architecture.

Which of course is a design flaw of OSX.

> With the following patch and the inclusion of config.subs and  
> config.guess, aide
> did build fine on my OSX 10.4.6 box:

Thanks for the patch, but I don't like the idea of disabling static 
linking in a default configure run. If a user choses to disable static 
linking, it should be a manual override. For this reason I added the 
--disable-static option to configure. I might modify your patch to print 
  a warning when configure is run on a darwin system. According to 
http://developer.apple.com/qa/qa2001/qa1118.html static linking can 
work, but it requires quite some effort.

See also the discussion at 

You can use the CVS snapshot at 
http://aide.sourceforge.net/aide-CVS-snapshot.tar.gz to use the 
--disable-static configure option.


Richard van den Berg

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